What does one write about themselves, on their own blog, on an About page? I can say that I’m a mild-mannered developer by day and a raging vigilante superhero by night and who could really question that?
Let’s just assume this is all true. This blog will be part of my day work, so I’ll cover the neat little things that interest me in the world of tech nerdiness. A huge focus of this blog will be on the world of Dynamics NAV, what I think is THE superior ERP platform from Microsoft. Oh right….quick point to make…..I have officially been a certified Dynamics NAV developer since exactly June 18, 2001. SIDEBAR. Why did I just spend 15 minutes to find out that date!?!? WE’RE BACK. I figure at this point in my career I can now officially use the terms “back in the day” and “I remember when I first started”.
Stay tuned to this blog for more exciting articles and information, brought to you by me…..and the letter ‘Q’.