A little bit ago I posted this article on indirect app dependencies. Based on what I was seeing, it appeared as though if your app has a dependency, and the dependent app has its own dependencies, you have to put all of the dependencies in your app, making things very difficult to manage.

Shortly after my post, fellow MVP Erik Ernst published an article stating that this is not the way it works, and he published a sample project on GitHub to try it out. Things got a bit weird here, as I grabbed his sample project and tried it for myself using his instructions. I got the same results as I first saw, and not what Erik said he saw.

After some back and forth and some research into this, it turns out that this was a change in behavior with the particular AL Language extension that I was using. I was using the VSIX from the Business Central insider registry. When I retested Erik’s instructions using the latest official Business Central release (Fall 2018 Update 3) everything worked as he stated.

This is great news. I wasn’t going crazy!

However, it was still a question if this was a bug or a new ‘feature’.

After logging to Microsoft, it was confirmed to be a bug in the insider version of the VSIX.


This means that you do NOT need to define any indirect dependencies in your app if you are not referencing any entities or functions from the app.

Glad this got sorted out. Happy coding!!