I’ve been so busy actually using the new development tools, that I’ve not posted about them here.
Below is a quick rundown of recent updates to the new tools for building Dynamics NAV extensions using Visual Studio Code. All in all we are getting a ton of new features that are making this new platform something that is really exciting and fun to use!

June Update

Microsoft skipped an update in May in order to concentrate on squashing a load of bugs, and at the same time bring some very cool new features.
Highlights include:

  • Use the in-app designer to move cue tiles and cue groups on your role center
  • Create a new page in VS Code and then use the in-app designer to add controls. The changes will then be pulled back into VS Code!
  • Include translation and table data files with your extension.
  • Improved intellisense.

Microsoft also added the beginnings for tenant-specific profiles (eg. role centers), which is a major win for those of us that are building vertical solutions that require new roles.
Get more info on the June update here.

July Update

As we all should know by now, using .Net Interop with extensions v2 is a no-go. To address that, Microsoft is building some .Net functionality into the AL codebase. The July update brings us what Microsoft has called the most requested .Net replacement feature. More specifically……XML handling!
In standard AL code, you can now define the following data types:

  • XmlDocument
  • XmlAttribute
  • XMLElement

Other highlights include:

  • New objects types: Profile, Page Customization
    • use to deliver tenant-specific role and page customizations (eg. personalizations) with your extension!!!   FINALLY !!!!!!!
  • On screen syntax help for parameters.
  • The RecordRef data type can now be used (albeit only for tables less than 2 billion).
  • The Permission property can now be used. For now you can only use it to reference objects in your extension, but Microsoft has stated that this will change in the future.

Perhaps most importantly, there’s also been a refresh on the MSDN documentation. You can get to the updated docs here.
Get more info on the July update here.
Well…as you can see it’s pretty exciting to be a Dynamics NAV developer right now. There are so many cool new features being added to the new development platform every month. If you can spare any time at all, it is definitely worth spending some time trying out these new tools.
You can find out how to try this out here.
Happy coding!