Well, I’ve not exactly been very active with this site. A smattering of posts over the years, but nothing too consistent.
I am putting up this post to hopefully energize myself into committing to putting up more posts on a more frequent basis.
You see, while I am a developer at heart, I only recently got back into development full time, and it is amazing!! So amazing, that I have been going full steam ahead not looking up from it.
What am I doing? Well…….I’ve climbed aboard the Dynamics 365 for Financials train, and I’ve been busily building an app (or two!) that at this time, has been validated by Microsoft and is just waiting to be deployed to AppSource.
So, back to the point. I am going to try and do better here. I have learned a lot of information that I have found is not as easy to come by as it probably should be, especially being an early adopter that’s moving full steam ahead with NAV extensions. My goal is to be able to put up little tidbits (and bytes! haha, see what I did there?) of things I come across so that perhaps it’s not as hard for the next developer to get this information.
We’ll see how it goes….