Yes yes I know……’s been a long while since I last posted. So many reasons why, but mostly I’m lazy. Probably a bit busy too, but mostly lazy. HaHa
This post is just going to provide some links for the person that wants to learn how to develop on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform.
Years ago, resources were slim to none, but nowadays we have a wonderful collection of forums, blogs, and official sites where we can get information, samples, and answers to real life questions. WOO!
By the way, if there’s a site that I’m missing, please comment and let me know. I’d love to know about great sites that I might not be using yet!
So here goes…….in no particular order:

Also, if you are not only new to NAV development but also new to NAV in general, there’s a couple of great (and FREE) video courses over on the Microsoft Virtual Academy that will introduce you to some common Dynamics NAV functionality: