If you’re in the Dynamics NAV world, you probably already know that NAV 2015 has been released to partners (get it here), and will be available to the general public starting October 1.
One of the new features of NAV 2015 that has me very interested is the tablet interface.
This is a topic that has been kicked around a lot over the past few years with regards to the NAV products I’m involved with. At some point, there’s a line where adding more functionality just adds clutter to the end user. In an age where apps rule, users are quite adept at having a suite of apps that do fewer tasks, but more efficiently.
The tablet interface gives us a way to deal with in the ERP world. Yes I realize we could have been building apps for the past ‘x’ years, but that comes with a lot of overhead, especially if it means a NAV developer having to learn a new programming language. With the NAV 2015 tablet interface though, there’s no additional development that needs to be learned. If you can create pages, you can create tablet interfaces. For end-users, the ability to “pin” or “favorite” multiple NAV 2015 tablet URLs, means that they can essentially build their own toolbox of “apps”, based on the tasks they need to do. Of course, being cross-device compatible is pretty neat too!
I’ll cover more on this in the future as I get my hands dirtier with it, but for now let’s sit back and enjoy the fact that finally it’s easy to bridge the gap between ERP and your device.